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2014, Aaron Elson


Vignettes from a teenager during the German occupation of the Netherlands, 1940-45

By Hansje de Zwaan Johnson

  In memory of my husband Bill, who was the first person to encourage me to write about my experiences as a teenager during the German occupation of the Netherlands.

2002, 2009 Hansje de Zwaan Johnson

    Many young people don't realize how privileged they are to live in a non-occupied, free country. They accept their liberty as normal.

    I hope they will realize how lucky they are compared to young people who are living under a dictatorship. Freedom is one of the greatest values. The lack of freedom with its resulting anguish should never be forgotten. If the readers will admire and respect those who have died, and those who are still living -- for having fought, and who are fighting for freedom -- I hope to have accomplished what I tried to tell in these short stories.

Table of contents

1) Too Late

2) Invasion

3) Raid 1

4) Raid 2

5) One Potato

6) The Family Gross

7) A Fatal Mistake and a Good Samaritan

8) Humanoil

9) Sam's Supper

10) A New Rule

  Stories   Too Late