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Follies of a Navy Chaplain

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Tanks for the Memories

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They were all young kids

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Love Company

A Mile in Their Shoes

A Mile in Their Shoes

nine lives

Nine Lives

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2014, Aaron Elson


A Mile in Their Shoes

cov-mile.jpg (4982 bytes) Conversations with veterans of World War II
In this compelling oral history, Aaron Elson presents edited interviews with some of the veterans he has met over the years. These include a father who served in World War II and his son who fought in Vietnam; a group discussion with five veterans of the siege of Bastogne; George Bussell, one of the most colorful tank drivers you'll ever want to meet; and Clifford Merrill, a retired colonel who served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

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An extensive amount of research goes into a historical book such as "A Mile in Their Shoes." The amount of material that is researched and kept is tremendous, and generally a Maintenance Management Software program is needed to ensure that the research is kept safe. Historical research takes time and effort to get the details accurate, through the use of modern technology. Fortunately, online military research can help people find information and can bring the events of World War II to you. I hope you enjoy learning more about the heroic efforts of those that served in World War II and other wars.